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SEAruba Fly N Dive- Two-Tank Dive or Snorkel Only
Aruba is known for its many wrecks lying around. The reef offers a great diversity of dive sites as well.

SEAruba Fly N Dive- Two-Tank Dive or Snorkel Only
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SEAruba Fly N Dive- Two-Tank Dive or Snorkel Only

DIVE (rent gear) $117pp, deposit $23.40pp, Due on arrival $93.60pp:
Deposit $23.40 pp
SNORKEL ONLY $25pp, Deposit 5.00pp, Due on arrival $20.00pp:
Deposit $5.00pp


 8:30 AM

Other Info:
 5 Hours. We will pick up at 8:30am out side the terminal with a red van that says FLY AND DIVE on it. Our boat leaves at 9:00 am.

Getting There:
Pick-up from the cruise ship terminal is provided. Pick-up is 8:30am. Pick-up from Aruba hotels downtown. Other hotels require a short taxi ride.

Scuba Diving

Special Instructions:
Gear provided, if needed, is the BCD/regulator, fins, mask and suit.

Certified Divers Only. If less than 4 people are booked for your date, you will dive from a shore location. Many of the shipwrecks can be reached from shore.

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Go to our web page for more information.

There are great wrecks to explore. For example:
The Ghost Ship (the Antilla) is a German freighter and is the largest wreck in the Caribbean (400' long), sunk when it was brand new. The wreck is excellent for penetrations because of its large compartments. The Wreck of the Pedernales, an oil tanker torpedoed by a German submarine during the last World War, is a paradise for beginning divers.

The wreck's several large pieces are spread out between coral formations, making visible the complete wreck cabins, wash basins, lavatories, etc., as well as the tanker's pipeline system. At a depth of 80', the Jane Sea sloped so severely as to be nearly upright. The freighter is almost 250 feet long and is surrounded by some spectacular sea fans and brain corals.

S.E. Aruba FlyN' Dive takes you to all the best locations.

SEAruba Fly N Dive- Two-Tank Dive or Snorkel Only

Water temperature is on average 80 F / 28 C (from the mid 70's F to mid 80's F / 27 C - 30 C) year round. A shorty will usually do unless you tend to get cold easily. You can expect a visibility of about 60 feet / 20 meters most of the time.

There are also plentiful coral formations to dive. For example: the Tire Reef features black coral, sea whips, sea fingers and plenty of gorgonians and sea fans. The Green Moray and Eagle Ray are spotted occasionally on this dive site. Kantil Reef is a fascinating drop off, with gigantic boulders of brain and star coral, an abundance of massive formations of leaf and sheet corals, and plenty of huge sea fans and gorgoneas. The Palm Slope has magnificent coral formations sloping to great depths. Well known for barracudas.

Learn more about Aruba Shipwrecks!

S.E. Aruba Fly'N Dive of Aruba

is a LUDOT Shore Adventures Leading Excursion & Tour Operator.
Read more about their company and staff at their Operator Showcase Page.

SEAruba Fly N Dive- Two-Tank Dive or Snorkel Only

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